Built out a marketing campaign for Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface released new ergonomic devices including the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse and the Microsoft Designer Compant Keyboard. A series of social media posts, web banners, an eBook, email template, and landing page were designed for Microsoft's Work From Home campaign.

Ergonomic devices are on the rise in the technology market. Microsft wanted to share their newest products that mitigate negative impacts to technology users' health. Working alongside an art director and Indigo Slate, I created a visual language that was used through various digital media.

This Microsoft campaign was broken into two parts. The first part focused on designing a visual language complementary to Microsoft Surface's brand. Light greys and blues were used along with minimal linework in diagrams and illustrations. A minimal two column layout was used that was accessible and high contrast. Microsoft's brand blue was used as an accent for headers and footers throughout the eBook.

The illustration guided how the eBook would showcase ergonomic information.

The second part of this campaign includes a focus on social media. Social media, web banner ads, and a landing page were designed. Unlike the eBook, there was less information that needed to be condensed. I used negative space and color blocks to differentiate the product listings. I wanted to appeal to the lifestyle of the customer by using additional imagery such as plants and sticky notes that are commonly found on desks. Important information was clearly visible and close to the ergonomic accessories.

Banners were displayed on merchandising websites.
A landing page for desktop and mobile devices was also designed.
View the desktop landing page:

What was the response to my work?

With only a few weeks to complete a large amount of digital media, I was tasked with scheduling and creating a timeline for these deliverables. I worked alongisde an art director who provided creative feedback and client-facing assistance as well as a team of copywriters. This team dynamic allowed me to focus entirely on the design of the digital media.

I was challenged to come up with a series of designs that differentiated themselves from other Microsoft marketing materials while staying within the Microsoft brand. I iterated through multiple drafts of each deliverable to eventually decide on the final draft that would be shared with the client.

The primary changes to my work after hearing my client's feedback was to add crisp grey lines from Microsoft Surface's brand guidelines in the diagrams. Additionally, to improve the user experience, I reorganized the product listings to showcase the newest products first throughout the media.

The conclusion of this project resulted in my work being presented to thousands of Microsoft customers that increased engagement in the newly released ergonomic accessories.