Designed an experiential brochure where the layout structures the narrative.

Each summer, the students completing the Bachelor of Fine Arts fulfill a fulltime internship. In thanks, my cohort created a thank you collection of editorials for each of our firms. My internship was hosted by Indigo Slate. This project was completed for class.

During the summer of 2019, students from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program are employed by a design firm via a ten week internship program. Here they learn the ins and outs of how a design firm functions learning critical pitch, feedback, and professional skills.

I wanted the viewer to learn something new by reading it.

My goal was to capture this experience holistically. I reflected on my experience and remembered my challenges and how I overcame them. Those intitial challenges and successes reminded me how systems can initally be hard to learn but easy once figured out. I designed my Intern Stories packet to physically create that feeling of learning new systems and the journey I went through. This led me to create a distorted narrative where the reader must learn a new way to read.

I combined Indigo Slate's and the Bachelor of Fine Art's brand colors to form the gradient.
Opening this presents a unique experience that requires the user to engage with my work critically.

This opportuntity allowed me to develop my design skills and work with some amazing peers. Throughout this experience, I worked for the likes of Microsoft, Staples, and ABC News. Various media includes email templates, persona posters, and conference gift boxes.

Thank you Indigo Slate.