Visualized large data sets to be more intuitive and accessible.

Using only typography, I was asked to combine three articles of my choice into a booklet. The majority of this design had to use type. I chose three article focused on different ways that could negatively affect the health of humanity. This project was completed for class.

I was tasked with designing a short magazine for three articles. I wanted to design for a relevant yet scientifically interesting topic. Something that I feel could share more is how human are anthropologically destroying key system on the planet. My goal was to bring awareness to some of these topics.

This short magazine visualized three ways in which the fate of humanity may occur. First, with the resurgence of ancient diseases exposed through the melting of permafrost. Second, with the insect apocalypse threatening all life on Earth. Finally, a look past our atmosphere and into the space debris that orbits around us destroying satellites and possibly, future spacecraft. The goal was to share these three articles with supporting data visualizations. With bacteria so small and space debris so far, it was important to scale it into the magazine appropriately using units we all understand, letters.

The fate of humanity may be invisible to the naked eye.

Representing infinitesimal things can never be done with 100% accuracy. Instead of trying to accurately represent the invisible, I chose to use letters and words as an analogy to these miniscule details. Whether it was the use of different axes to represent icicles or missing words to represent the decline of insect populations, one can explore the page to witness the many abstractions of typography.

The texture of the pages and illustration are made from an article defining death.
The data is simplified to present a cohesive narrative to the viewer.

This magazine was designed to be distributed to large audiences. Each magazine can be printed on standard letter paper and stapled along the spine. While only one edition was designed, this represents a prototype for a series of magazines that discuss 'invisible' topics. Other planned editions focus on the concrete pollution, sand depletion, the mineral trade, radioactive waste, microplastic, and shipwrecks. Download my magazine:

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