Branded a digital agency in in three weeks using an abstract mark.

My design brief was to design a brand for Baytech, a web design and marketing firm based out of Silicon Valley. The goal was to give an outdated, easily overlooked brand a new identity. This project was completed at university.

Baytech Digital is a Digital Web Agency based out of Silicon Valley. I was asked to redesign the branding for Baytech to update their brand. The identity had to be abstract in nature because of their brand having little visuals to reference. I had to design a look and feel that represented Baytech accurately.

I chose to design a logo that appears to jump off the page. Using fresh, friendly colors, I directed the customers eye right to the iconic mark giving Baytech an edge above its competition.

Creating a brand required more than just designing a couple of business cards and letterheads. In addition to the basics, I added a lanyard and water bottle design to the exisiting brand elements to create a more cohesive brand. I explored pattern-making and designed a system to maintain consistent typography throughout the brand.

I wanted the logo to jump off the page through the use of an optical illusion.

To ensure a successful brand after my deliverables were sent to the client, I created a brand guidelines document to help future designers understand my thinking.

Brand Guidelines